Responsible Investing

Good returns for investors are fully compatible with a responsible attitude towards all stakeholders. Innova has always been an ESG pioneer and offers a comprehensive and fully transparent Responsible Investing Policy presented in its publicly available annual report.

At fund and portfolio company level we insist on high ethical standards, giving us the practical benefit that it is a value driver for Central European businesses. Our robust but practical policy embodies Innova Capital’s fundamental values, while improving the performance of our companies. ESG procedures are included in all stages of the investment cycle, from the selection of a transaction and its assessment, through building the company’s value after completion of the investment.

We recognize the broader communities around the businesses in which we invest and we encourage those stakeholders to check out our Annual ESG report and use our dedicated address: to direct suggestions, questions or feedback to us.

Notify a problem

Innova Capital is actively promoting a culture of reporting misconduct and irregularities by introducing a tailored whistleblowing system that guarantees confidentiality and full anonymity. All communications are secured through encryption, and access is limited to members of the Innova Ethics Committee.

Every submitted report undergoes thorough verification and analysis, contingent upon the information enabling an investigative process. Each report is deemed significant and will be carefully examined, with a prompt response provided.

If you encounter any irregularities, please feel free to report them using the following link:

Notify a problem