Bielenda Group acquires the Tołpa brand

Bielenda Group acquires the Tołpa brand

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics will acquire a 100% stake in the Polish cosmetics manufacturer Torf Corporation, the owner of the Tołpa and ON brands. The transaction is being executed with the support of Bielenda's main investor, Innova Capital. The majority stake in Torf is being sold by Resource Partners.

The Bielenda Group, supported by Innova Capital, has been steadily expanding its presence in the Polish cosmetic market for several years, particularly through introduction of innovative products developed by its in-house R&D department. The Bielenda Group owns a number of brands, such as Bielenda, Bielenda Professional, BodyBoom, FaceBoom, BabyBoom, Supremelab, Soraya, and Dermika. Additionally, the brand family includes SheHand, SheFoot, and ManFoot, as well as SheCare and SkinArté. All of Bielenda’s products are available in drugstores, retail chains, and online platforms.

By incorporating Torf Corporation into its portfolio, Bielenda will further enhance its competitive position among cosmetic manufacturers in Poland. The transaction will also enable the company to enter the attractive and promising segment of oral hygiene products. 

"Tołpa is a brand with well-established position and recognition. I appreciate its long-standing scientific heritage and the tradition of creating cosmetics based on the properties of natural ingredients - Polish peat and mud. The acquisition of Torf Corporation will complement our product offering, as well as increase the diversity of our product range and pricing spectrum. I believe that the acquisition of Tołpa and ON brands, along with their potential for further development under the wing of the Bielenda Group, will contribute to the growth of the company's value and competitiveness, both in domestic and international markets," emphasizes Marek Bielenda, CEO of Bielenda Natural Cosmetics. 

“The Tołpa acquisition is as a crucial step in Bielenda's strategic roadmap, demonstrating the company's commitment to uniting premier independent cosmetic brands in Poland" says Leszek Muzyczyszyn, Senior Partner at Innova. "We are delighted at the opportunity to continue building the Tołpa brand across the addressable markets of the Group." – he added.

Torf Corporation is a company with a well-established position, operating in the Polish cosmetic market for over 20 years. Torf Corporation's products are available both in Poland and in other CEE countries. In 2017, the majority stake in Torf Corporation was acquired by Resource Partners, an independent private equity investor operating in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. 

"In our investments, we focus on companies with solid foundations, and Torf Corporation is precisely such a company. We believe that placing it under the wing of an industry investor will provide the company with another impetus for further growth. The high-quality products and broad customer base are an excellent foundation for the company's future development," says Małgorzata Bobrowska, co-founder and Managing Partner of Resource Partners. "We take satisfaction in the achievements of Tołpa and the other brands of Torf Corporation, and we are pleased to have supported the company in reaching them."

The transaction awaits the approval of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.


About Bielenda Kosmetyki Naturalne

Bielenda Natural Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetic company founded in 1990. It creates highly regarded skincare, body care, and hair care products for women and men of all ages, combining natural active ingredients with the latest achievements in biotechnology. The company's product range includes several hundred items across dozens of skincare categories. These products are available in Poland and in nearly 60 countries worldwide, spanning five continents. The company has its own research and development laboratories as well as modern manufacturing facilities. 

About Torf Corporation

Torf Corporation is a company founded in 1989. It is the owner of the tołpa® brand, which creates cosmetics based on the combination of two active substances – peat extract and mud. Its portfolio consists of products for both women and men, designed for the care of the face, body, and hair. The group also includes two brands of oral hygiene products – ON toothpaste and dentica by tołpa® mouthwashes. The company's products are available in drugstores and other widespread retail chains, as well as online. 

About Resource Partners

Resource Partners is an independent private equity investor founded in 2009 by a team of experienced managers who previously conducted similar investments in leading regional and international financial institutions and funds. To date, Resource Partners funds have invested over EUR 300 million in the development of several mid-sized companies in Poland and other CEE countries. Resource Partners invests in rapidly growing companies with an experienced management team, supporting them with expertise in managing rapid organic growth, dynamic international expansion, and acquisitions. 

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