Innova Capital appoints Michał Wojdyła as Partner

Innova Capital appoints Michał Wojdyła as Partner

Innova Capital, a leading Central European private equity firm, has announced Michał Wojdyła's promotion to the position of Partner. Further expansion of the partner group strengthens Innova's market position in technology sector ahead of deployment of its new Innova/7 investment vehicle.

Michał Wojdyła, previously Managing Director, has been with Innova Capital since 2008. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in the private equity industry, working on numerous investments and portfolio companies. Following his involvement in multiple manufacturing and consumer deals (e.g. Libet, Marmite, Bakalland, Profim and Prime Label), Michał has been recently co-developing Innova technology practice, focusing primarily on IT services sector where he has led the investment in STX Next, a Poznań based software house. Before joining Innova he had worked at KPMG Corporate Finance, where he acquired the market-essential financial and transaction toolkit.

In his role as a Partner, Michał will concentrate primarily on expanding Innova's expertise in new technologies and digital transformation. These areas are core part of Innova investment strategy for its newest, Innova/7 fund.

"I am very grateful to Innova Partners for their trust, but also for continued support on my professional path. This 14-year journey with Innova has been both exciting and challenging, and now I am already looking forward to starting another chapter and strengthening Innova's expertise in such interesting areas as digitalization and technology investments" said Michał Wojdyła, Partner at Innova Capital.

"We are delighted with Michał’s promotion to Partner. We are particularly pleased to welcome to the partner group a team member who started his PE career at Innova. This is role model for our talent development approach. His commitment and investment track record, including recent acquisition of STX Next, have already contributed strongly to the success of our firm. We are confident that his tremendous experience will play a crucial role in further investments and deployment of our new Innova/7 fund" – commented Andrzej Bartos on behalf of Innova Partners.

Michał holds a master’s degree in Finance and Banking from the Wroclaw University of Economics.

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