Innova Capital invests in dentistry

Innova Capital invests in dentistry

Innova/6 SCA SICAV-RAIF, an alternative investment fund of Innova Capital Group investing in Central and Eastern Europe, has acquired stakes in three companies operating in the dental services market - the Lithuanian chain DPC and Polish Dentaurus and Medicadent clinics. The goal is to create - in cooperation with the prominent founding doctors - a leading, independent regional dental group. Initially the group comprises of 19 clinics located in Poland (6), Lithuania (12) and the United Kingdom (1) and has at its disposal ca. 70 dental units, as well as two prosthetic laboratories. The platform is a unique combination of medical and management competences, scale and investor experience, and has ambitious growth plans.

DPC is the largest chain of dental clinics in Lithuania. Thanks to a highly experienced medical team led by an accomplished specialist and the founder of DPC – Dr Simonas Bankauskas, its modern equipment, professional approach to patients, and broad range of services, DPC has managed to provide top-quality dental, prosthetic and surgical care to a group of over 50,000 patients.

Dentaurus, with facilities in Gdańsk and Toruń, is a leading dental clinic in the Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie regions. It offers a full range of dental services and has a leading position in implantology, prosthetics, endodontics and dental surgery, thanks to the competence of the team assembled and lead by Dr Jacek Owczarczak. 

Medicadent with its clinics in Poznań, Luboń and Wolsztyn offers a full range of dental services and is a leader in paediatric dentistry in the Wielkopolska region. Medicadent owes its reputation to the team created by Dr Monika Gawlas and Dr Jacek Lorych.

All entities belonging to the Group have confirmed their unique quality by demonstrating high resistance to negative external factors and difficulties related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Group, applying the experience of outstanding medical teams and their leaders, economies of scale, management competence, and best operating practices from the Western European and CEE markets, will offer a new quality for patients, unique development opportunities for medical staff, and an attractive alternative for many owners of dental clinics. A key factors of further growth will be selective acquisitions of additional dental businesses and opening new locations. Currently, advanced works are underway to open two new locations, and other entities joining the group will be announced in Q2/22.

"The dental services market in CEE remains highly fragmented, with individual players often not reaching their full potential. Therefore, we are very pleased that we have attracted renowned leaders in this area from Lithuania and Poland to create a group of clinics combining strong local position, reputation and independence with professional central support services. The competences and experience of the staff, relationships and trust of the patients, combined with the know-how and professional support of a team experienced in building medical organizations, will allow the entities to develop even faster. They will expand their portfolio of services, provide patients with easier access to the highest quality dental care, and will be an attractive place of employment for dental professionals. The clinics will benefit from help in facing challenges related to dental business management. We invite all the leading dental clinics to contact us and collaborate” – said Tobiasz Jankowski, Managing Director, responsible for the transaction on behalf of Innova Capital.

“It is a great opportunity to be part of a big change in the dental service market in the Baltics and the CEE region. It is great to work with the best specialists in dentistry and business” – commented Simonas Bankauskas, the Founder and Lead Doctor at DPC.

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