Innova Capital supports Dimark's strategic expansion

Innova Capital supports Dimark's strategic expansion

Innova Capital announces its acquisition of a significant minority stake in Dimark Manufacture S.A., a leading provider of proprietary industrial automation solutions, focused on Baggage Handling Systems (BHS). The investment marks another milestone for the firm's newest Innova/7 fund. This move solidifies Innova Capital's commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the technology sector.

In this transaction, Innova Capital will support Dimark's founders, Dymitr Kopras and Błażej Nowakowski, as they steer the company towards new horizons. With a focus on expansion into new geographies and increasing the scope of realized projects, Innova Capital will provide crucial assistance in further product innovation, facilitating the development of cutting-edge production facility and enhancing international sales efforts.

Established in 1994 and headquartered in Złotkowo near Poznań, Dimark designs and installs sophisticated BHS solutions, involving fully proprietary hardware and software. Dimark's innovative solutions facilitate seamless luggage movement, optimizing airport operations and enhancing passenger experience. Dimark's expertise has allowed the company to successfully complete numerous projects across 4 continents, with vast majority of revenue realized outside of Europe. 

With a strategic focus on medium-sized airports, Dimark became a fast-growing challenger in the global BHS market. Geographically, the company's expansion efforts are directed towards fastest growing regions such as Asia-Pacific and Latin America, capitalizing on the exponential growth of air traffic within these areas.

Andrzej Pietrzak, Partner at Innova Capital, who managed the transaction, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “We are delighted to partner with Dimark’s Founders in their pursuit of further international expansion of the business. We are impressed by unique R&D capabilities, commitment to excellence and quality of proprietary hardware and software delivered by the company. After a very successful exit from Inelo in 2023, this is another transaction in technology for logistics sector realized by Innova,” – he said.

“We are very proud to become an investor in such an innovative company with global aspirations. Dimark is a great example of a new breed of CEE enterprises developing best-in-class products and competences successfully competing internationally,” added Andrzej Bartos, Senior Partner at Innova Capital, heading the Industrials practice.

"At Dimark, our collaboration with Innova Capital marks a pivotal moment in our journey. With our combined strengths, we're poised to capitalize on the growth in BHS industry. Together, we'll deliver innovative solutions, maintain exceptional quality, and provide unmatched service. Our in-house developments empower us to stand out in the market, ensuring swift project completion and customer satisfaction," – says Dymitr Kopras, CEO of Dimark.


About Dimark

Dimark specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing Baggage Handling System (BHS) installations. It has successfully realized projects in 21 countries across the world. In addition to its core BHS business, Dimark is also providing intralogistics solutions for distribution centres.