Kadra, one of the most important Romanian suppliers of automated access, joins EMI Group

Kadra, one of the most important Romanian suppliers of automated access, joins EMI Group

EMI Group, a leading European provider of industrial access solutions, is partnering with KADRA, Romania's foremost supplier of integrated solutions for automation and access management. This strategic partnership positions KADRA, with its 30 years of experience and innovation, alongside EMI Group, creating a market-leading force in access automation solutions.

With an estimated combined turnover of 38 million EUR and over 8 million EUR EBITDA for 2023, after completing the partnership with KADRA, EMI Group is a regional leader in industrial access systems, focused on installation and maintenance services with a robust pipeline of new projects in both industrial-logistics and retail segments.

Starting December 1, 2023, KADRA will join the group, which currently includes EMI Romania, Decran Belgium and Slovakia, and Access Systems Belgium.

This partnership brings together complementary expertise, forming a strong presence in the construction and service market. While EMI Group excels in the industrial sector, KADRA complements it with expertise in the medical field, particularly in hospitals and clinics, and integrated solutions for the automatic management of parking.

Both companies will continue independent operations as separate legal entities, maintaining their identity and culture. At the same time, the partnership will enable optimization of resources, utilization of field technicians and improved service quality for their clients.

Jérôme France, CEO of EMI Group, expresses enthusiasm about the partnership, seeing it as a significant advantage for both KADRA and EMI Group. “By bringing Kadra and its Founders to EMI Group family, we continue to execute on our consolidation strategy in the access systems sector. The collaboration aims to leverage expertise in our respective areas, with KADRA contributing its 30-year history in providing access solutions for different sectors. We continue our pursuit of further partnerships in our core geographies, offering the entrepreneurs continued operating autonomy with all the benefits of belonging to a large platform, with strong resources and financial backing from our partners at Innova Capital and Morphosis Capital” commented Mr. France.

“We see this partnership as a great advantage for both KADRA and EMI Group”, remarked Octavian Fanea, CEO KADRA. “It is an opportunity for our companies to join capabilities from the areas in which each individual company excels. We are honoured to be a partner in EMI Group, which is becoming stronger day by day, which has already transcended Romania’s borders, and which intends to continue to grow through new valuable acquisitions in Central and Eastern Europe.” - added KADRA’s CEO.

The CEOs of both companies emphasize the opportunity for growth and the creation of a more substantial competitive advantage by combining their experience. The partnership signals EMI Group's commitment to further expansion in Central and Eastern Europe through strategic acquisitions of valuable companies.

This collaboration marks the third partnership for EMI Group in less than two years, aligning with their goal of achieving at least two transactions annually. The companies plan to maintain their distinct market approaches while consolidating certain resources for mutual benefit.

As the partnership unfolds, the joint venture aims to set new performance records in Romania, considering the market as a development laboratory for maintenance solutions. With a team of 300 specialists in access systems, out of which almost 200 in Romania, we are ready to serve clients and partners with dedication and expertise, aiming for unparalleled service levels in Europe.



With 30 years of experience, KADRA is the only Romanian company that offers technical integrated solutions in access engineering and access management. From doors, gates or windows automatization solutions to parking management (parkomatic) or automated systems for smoke exhaust, KADRA innovates continuously, ensuring its partners complete services, from consulting to design, execution and maintenance, all for enhancing the comfort and safety sentiment.  

Founded in 1993, KADRA is equivalent today to thousands of realised projects and a valuable team of over 90 people, which have both the know-how, and the openness to serve its clients with the experience accumulated over time. 

About EMI Group

EMI is a globally recognized leader in the industrial access systems industry. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has specialized in providing integrated consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and service solutions for industrial access solutions across various sectors, including industry, shopping centers, and logistics centers. EMI, following acquisitions of Belgium-based Decran and Acccess Systems operates assembly facilities in Romania and Slovakia, and service and maintenance capabilities in Romania and Belgium. 

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