Marcos BIS joins the Inelo Group

Marcos BIS joins the Inelo Group

The Inelo Group, a leader in providing innovative technological solutions for the transport sector has signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Marcos BIS, the premier manufacturer of transport management software, TMS Navigator.

As a consequence of the transaction, Marcos BIS will be offering itstechnology systems for the transport sector alongside Inelo Group brands, including Tachoscan Control and 4Trans, i.e. programs for drivers’ working hours account schemes and OCRK’s extensive outsourcing services for carriers as well as its advanced vehicle location and monitoring system, GBOX[ih1] . Inelo's products and services are used by more than 10,000 transport companies and 38 auditing offices in 20 countries in Europe. This, however, does not exhaust the appetite of the Group, as we are ready to search for new areas of expansion.
 [ih1]This is quite a difficult sentence to understand. I have tried ot make it clearer which products and services belong to which part of the Group but I’m not sure if I’ve done this correctly. I didn’t want to change the structure too much as I assume there may be a Polish version somewhere. Ideally I would probably like to break this down into two or even three sentences.

Our ambition is to provide one-stop-shop services for the transport and logistics sector. We stay attuned to the needs emerging in the dynamic transport services sector. This prompted us to further expand the Inelo Group. The incorporation of Marcos BIS, a company with a long-standing market position will undoubtedly expand the group's portfolio through offering unique technological solutions and consequently boost our growth rate. We are pleased that the founders of Marcos Bis, Jacek Mroziński and Maciej Wolny will continue to lead the company. This will ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the high standard of service which is of utmost importance to all of us. The profound knowledge and many years of experience of the founders will help us improve innovations for the entrepreneurs in the TSL sector. I trust that providing our customers with comprehensive and flexible solutions supporting the management of transport companies will further strengthen their position on the international market. We plan to continue the strategy of consolidation and acquisition of interesting players from the technological sector specializing in transport solutions, and together with new partners we will work on the development of the Group - says Magdalena Magnuszewska, CEO of the Inelo Group.

Your partner in business

Marcos BIS has 27 years of experience in the development of IT systems for freight forwarding, logistics and carriers. Our flagship product, the TMS Navigator, is a modern tool for the complete management of forwarding and transport processes. The system is comprised of a dozen or so modules ensuring the best quality of functional planning, implementation, monitoring and settlement of transport services. Our portfolio is complemented by the mKierowca, mWarsztat, mSpedytor applications and the ePrzewoźnik website. Marcos BIS’ unique position on the market has been ensured by our utmost care for the communication with the users and readiness to accept new ideas and adapt efficiently to the needs of our customers.

The strategic partnership with Inelo will create an exhaustive portfolio for our customers, where the system for FTL and TLT orders and applications will complement the telematics and time accounting for drivers’ products. It is good to build innovative and self-reliant solutions. At the same time, the close cooperation and exchange of know-how inside the Inelo Group will help us further develop our product portfolio, in particular our professional TMS Navigator tool. That is why I am convinced that the combination of our experience and technology will enable the company to create a unique offer on a European scale. We are distinguished by the one-stop-shop services and products, which is our response to the challenges faced by today’s transport companies. Our cooperation gives us a chance to create totally new technological solutions comments Jacek Mroziński, the co-founder of Marcos BIS.

Why are changes important?

The road transport system in Europe will change rapidly. In the coming years, the transport sector will have to face, among other things, legislative chaos, rising operating costs and reduced market access. We must support the Polish entrepreneurs to guarantee that they maintain their leading position on the international front. And we will make it happen by adapting the IT solutions to the needs and expectations of our customers. - Therefore, our strategic goal is to develop and improve technology making it easier for carriers to adapt to these changes. We are the only company on the market who can deliver both an advanced telematics tool and software, as well as an application for the settlement of drivers' working time, including the help of a team of experts with a 24/7 support for entrepreneurs. Our portfolio offers products for the management of transport and forwarding. We are also planning to implement new functionalities such as ETA calculations and ecodriving. Our group cooperates with reliable partners, investing in innovation for transport and expansion in the telematics market - says Bartosz Najman, vice president of Inelo and OCRK.

We are the leader

Poland is the European leader in international road transport. In 2018, we carried out nearly 30% of cross-border transport. The sector delivers nearly 7% of the GDP. However, in the coming years, carriers will face new challenges. This includes the mobility package, which imposes new obligations on entrepreneurs and increases the need to manage working time accounts as well as the planning of routes, loading and unloading, all taking into account the new constraints. Growing road toll costs, fuel costs and competition from other countries are also factors increasing the concern of the entrepreneurs. An uneasy atmosphere has also been introduced by Brexit and its impact on trade with the UK. In this economic and business environment, cost optimization and support for modern logistics and transport process management technologies can help secure the position of domestic carriers and ensure further growth of the turnover of Polish companies.