The new year and the new acquisition of Polskie ePłatności

The new year and the new acquisition of Polskie ePłatności

Polskie ePłatności is taking over TopCard Sp. z o. o. Poznań - another payment terminal and service provider. As previously announced, this is the fifth transaction finalized by Polskie ePłatności within a short time. Prior to that, PeP purchased the NeoTu, PayUp and Billbird terminal companies and the PayLane service integrating online payments.

“The PeP Group is recording the fastest growth rate in the payment service provider sector in Poland. We aspire to be the provider of first choice in terms of payment in Poland. In 2019 we installed over 31,000 terminals. In 2020 we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of launching Polskie ePłatności and wish it to be another record year."  - says Jarosław Mikos, the CEO of the Pep Group.

The acquired TopCard comapany targets services rendered to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector, which is in line with the strategy of the PeP Group.

“As soon as TopCard joins the PeP Group our customers will be able to benefit from the state-of-the-art technology and the widest range of services on their terminals. This will result in additional profits for our customers. The Polskie ePłatności Group guarantees the highest standard of service both in retail points and online shopping. - says Wojciech Wojciechowski, the CEO of TopCard Sp. z o.o.

TopCard handles payments of more than 6,000 customers serving about 10,000 terminals.

"We are consistently pursuing the goal of consolidating the payment market in Poland. We are building a strong player with Polish roots, dominating the market with the most exhaustive service range and the best standard of service. The acquisition of TopCard is the fifth transaction of PeP in the last 3 years. In the first half of 2020 we want to complete another purchase” - adds Marcin Drozdowski , Vice President of the Management Board of Polskie ePłatłatości for M&A.

“TopCard's merger with the PeP Group undoubtedly demonstrates our consistency in implementing the long-term strategy aimed at strengthening and enhancing the position of the leader in the financial services sector. We believe that the solutions offered by TopCard will make the Group’s services even more appealing and boost the growth of our company." - adds Krzysztof Kulig, Senior Partner, supervising the transaction on the part of Innova Fund.

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