"ExecNet" - Network with Experienced People

With its roots in venture capital (Poland Partners), Innova has always strongly emphasized the “origination” and nurturing of talent. Buyouts in CEE have predominantly been MBIs rather than MBOs, so talent is critical to our strategy. For this reason, Innova formalized the development of Executive Networks in its “ExecNet” program.

ExecNet is a systematic recruitment of buyout talent and nurturing of relationship with exceptional executives.

Several differentiating features:

  • Diverse sourcing

    Networking is focused on MBI talent in target sectors who can be fundamental in unlocking investment opportunities. For executives and specialists, the networks are supplemented by head-hunters and international expert networks (GLG) and the Global PE Alliance.

  • Innova Executive Forum (IEF) & Executive Database

    IEF with 250 members across our target sectors; meeting annually and featuring outside speakers, roundtable discussions within sectors and general networking.

  • Industry Panel Executives (IPE)

    we are formalizing relationships by sector with a limited number of executives and non-executives whom we know best. They enter an exclusive retainer with Innova, and, as well as serving on portfolio company boards and assisting in deal evaluation, they are also the source for ideas and concrete proposals for new deals.