Innova Overview

Innova has maintained a single-minded commitment to mid-market buyouts in Poland and Central Europe. We focus on making control investments in companies with EV’s of €25–150 million with equity tickets of €25–40 million.

From almost 30 years of experience we know that the successful Innova deal will almost certainly be one of three signature transaction types:


Our Key Transaction Types

Founder Succession

Strategic partner of preference. This is our iconic deal type which is suited to a Founder looking to step back from their business, realise some liquidity, yet retain a financial interest alongside Innova.


Innova’s pioneering approach to drive sector consolidation in typically fragmented markets. The deal requires that at least two companies be combined at the outset of the transaction. This type of deal is used to secure the benefits of synergies up- front and leverages their joint potential.

Corporate Carve-out

A reliable counterparty for corporate owners seeking to spin out non-core operations, and the partner of choice for the management boards of those subsidiaries implementing an independent development strategy. Thanks to rapid and transparent decision-making, and extensive experience of such situations, we minimize the risk of such transactions for all parties involved.

Sector Expertise

Innova has organised itself around target sectors with one senior officer dedicated to each area of opportunity:

Innova Core Values

We aim to live seven Core Values in our relationship with our portfolio companies, and we seek these values in the management teams with whom we partner. By bringing together these Core Values with industry best practice, we have built an unrivalled reputation as a preferred partner who delivers on its promises.

  • Drive for Success We seek situations where we and executive management can develop a clear vision and share a single-minded determination to achieving it.
  • Commitment to Excellence In an intensely competitive world, excellence in everything we do is the only safe haven.
  • Mental Agility We work to develop creative “win-win” solutions to ensure all stakeholders actively support our initiatives.
  • Teamwork We aspire to create an environment in which exceptional people outperform their own abilities. This is only possible through exceptional teamwork.
  • Mutual Respect We recognize that there are many paths to success. We must listen to understand, and we must communicate openly, honestly and directly.
  • Do the Right Thing We always seek to establish a position of power for our portfolio companies. However, the burden of power lies in how you exercise it. Our credo for business is "do what you should, not what you can”.
  • Fun We and the management teams we partner with work hard and long hours. It has to be fun at the same time.