Our experience can accelerate your success

Innova Capital believes in longer-term investment to create lasting value through a finely knit partnership with company owners even when they choose to retire or sell their controlling interest. Through this we create a powerful combination of the knowledge and experience of the Founder with Innova’s time-proven expertise in business building. We take pride in taking up the role of co-pilot steering the business and being your partner in business and not a detached outside investor.

  • Enhancing your business performance through strategic acquisitions

    In the constant striving for excellence and predictable profitability, strategic acquisitions play a key role. Whatever your need is, you can trust our people and expertise. Acquisitions are our core business, with more than 100 acquired over 25 years. Our sector expertise and intimate relationships also help us to identify and unlock opportunities that otherwise may not have been available to the owners and companies we partner with..

  • Strengthening your team with top talent

    At Innova we understand the value of accessing the absolute best management talent. This is the core to creating value. We have access to hundreds of great and highly motivated executives in our target sectors both through our Executive Network “ExecNet” and other sources. We will find the right people to help take your business to the next level.

  • Hand-over legacy - be in control of your succession

    Orchestrating leadership succession is one of the most challenging tasks for an entrepreneur –handing over their legacy to someone else. Often there is no natural successor or there is one but he or she is not yet ready to take charge or embark on the journey without support. This is the time when you can count on our strong backing.

    The Innova team has successfully concluded more succession transactions than any other firm in Poland. Founder Succession is our flagship solution refined by experience and is based on collaboration with the business founder who generally remains a key member of the board.

  • Introducing global best practices on a local level

    Innova combines your company’s proven strengths with our own expertise and further with the expertise of the Global PE Alliance. Global PE was co-founded by Innova to ensure that we give companies access to best practices not just locally, but at a global level.

    Also very importantly, Innova is a pioneer of ESG which means that we make sure that our investments have a positive impact on society and the environment as well as growing economic value.

  • Smart capital solutions that help your business to grow

    Investing capital is very often perceived in the same way as bank lending. At Innova we believe that every investment should be an optimal combination of capital, strategy, focused vision and appropriate resources. You can rely on Innova’s approach, passion and commitment to add value and accelerate the growth of your business.