We invest in remarkable opportunities

Innova Capital’s solid reputation, unrivalled talent pool and sector expertise generate trust amongst investors, who are confident that we will make the right call for them. Our overriding objective is to generate consistent, predictable premium returns while demonstrating best-in-class standards in our investment processes.

  • Knowing where to look

    A successful investment process starts with identifying the right opportunity. We engage our extensive, hard-won knowledge of the local market dynamics and ally them with assessments of targets. Innova has reliable, systematic and wide access to virtually all transactions with potential across the region. After so many years’ experience we are able to spot great opportunities early, giving us an edge in the transaction process.

  • Well-balanced experienced team

    Assessing a good investment opportunity is more than just an academic skill. It requires expertise in many fields, careful consideration and a hint of intuition. At Innova we are privileged to have the finest in the business. The skills and experiences (and occasional mistakes) gathered over a period of 25 years and numerous successful transactions are what makes Innova unparalleled in the market.

  • Right people for the right job - for every investment

    Our Executive Network (“ExecNet”) has had a profound impact on our investments transforming informal networking into a tool for strategic search of buyout talent by sector. This allows us to place leaders into newly acquired businesses who accelerate growth and identify new opportunities. It also speeds up the journey along knowledge curves and can build pipelines in new sectors. ExecNet is our foremost source of enduring competitive advantage.

  • Select investment focus

    Innova’s approach is customized to the changing market dynamics while maintaining the long- standing sector focus which gives the unique capability to drive consolidation. Innova believes that selected transaction types lead to superior investment performance. For Innova those include Founder Succession, Platform+ and Corporate Carve-out. We believe that the current market trends favor the first two methods and carry the highest potential for returns.

  • Introducing best global practices

    Innova Capital introduces best practices of corporate governance into newly acquired businesses. Good processes, transparency and short- and long-term planning are key elements in improving SME’s going through a growth buyout process. This is a relatively easy way to add value to a business regardless of cycle or sector. Moreover, by implementing its ESG policy Innova makes sure that its investments have a positive impact on society, the environment and performance of the business.

Our Investors

Innova has more than 90 Limited Partners across seven funds managed since inception.

The funds have received strong support from institutional and commercial players from Europe and North America. They include DFIs, fund of funds, family offices, pension funds, endowments, and other international players.

Investors by geography

  • 33% United Kingdom
  • 20% United States
  • 18% Scandinavia
  • 18% Switzerland
  • 11% Rest of Europe

Investors by type

  • 36% Fund of Funds
  • 17% Family Offices
  • 17% Pensions Fund
  • 15% Insurence
  • 9% Banks/IFI
  • 6% Endowments

Information for our Investors

Innova/7, the new alternative investment fund, has its seat in Luxembourg and it is incorporated under the Luxembourg law. Innova/6 is managed (asset and risk management) by the regulated and licensed AIFM (Alter Domus Management Company S.A.) supervised by CSSF (the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg).

For more information, please contact Katarzyna Kaczmarek (Investor Relations) email: ir@innovacap.com; T: +48 22 544 94 00